2D Booth Design Ideas: Use Graphics to make your Brand Stand out in Trade Shows

The overall goal of your trade show booth graphics is to right attendees attention to your booth with a brief, bold statement. For lesser-known and young brands, it’s worth noting that using your company name only won’t achieve your desired results. This is because the trade show attendees are not likely to play a guessing game to understand what your brand is all about. They will walk to the next booth.

If you want to be brief, bold, and more relevant than other exhibitors, here are booth design ideas to help you.

Use eye-catching copy to attract traffic

Create a clear 6-word tagline that an attendee can interpret within less than three seconds. Keep it honest but not too abstract. If you’re a startup, your brand name should be secondary to the tagline. By clearly stating what your brand is all about, you will realize that your booth attracts people who are interested in your products and brand.

Choose one primary thing the attendees can remember

What do you intend to put in your prospects’ minds? If you have come up with an effective way of solving a pain point or launching a new product, it’s wise to promote that fact. Remember, your top pick might vary from show to show.

Have you ever realized that the back wall is the focal point for all small and mid-sized booths? Take advantage of this fact and use it to convey the most important thing you want your prospects to remember about your brand.

Use digital graphic wisely and keep the message clear

Excellent digital graphics displayed on screens aren’t as pervasive as the traditionally printed graphics. These graphics can perform excellently when it comes to attracting your audience attention simply by displaying videos of your products in action or changing images of your logo and products. While a variety and on-screen action are excellent tools, they can be overwhelming to the viewers. So, focus on sending a simple but strong message.

Use a few bright colors

According to experts, it’s wise to use a maximum of three bright colors. Your primary goal is to pass a simple, strong message within the shortest time possible. Using many different colors might make your booth seem ‘too busy’ and make it difficult for your prospects to understand your message.

Place your graphics strategically

You can use your graphic’s height to grab the attention of all attendees near your booth and far from your booth. Place all your long-range graphics high (don’t exceed the height limits set by the trade show regulation). All mid-range graphics should be placed above the eye level, and short-range graphics should be placed five to six feet above the ground. This way, you can be sure to attract attendees from any part of the show.


Ensure your text is legible. Use Helvetica or any other font that’s easily read. While your brand’s style will dictate your font choice, don’t use more than three distinct fonts at the same time.