5 Tips for Parents Hiring a Bouncy Castle for the First Time

A bouncy castle is now one of the must-haves for children’s birthday parties in Dubai. With an inflatable, your child and all his or her guests can spend hours entertaining themselves during the party. You won’t have to prepare a lot of games to keep them preoccupied. And with the kids playing in the inflatable, you can entertain your adult guests while keeping an eye out for the little ones.

Since kids will be using this inflatable equipment, you need to go over the process of a bouncy castle rental in Dubai properly. This is something that you have to do carefully as well if you are renting one for the first time.

If it’s your first time to rent a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday, below are five helpful tips to follow:

1.    Look into the available options as soon as possible 

To find the best bouncy castle for your child, start researching the different bouncy castle hire companies and the products they are renting out a month or two before the party.

This is because looking for and hiring an inflatable a week or day before the party will most likely leave you with fewer options and remarkably higher rental costs. When you know your options in advance, you will have more inflatables to choose from available at more reasonable prices.

If you find at least four companies that have the type of bouncy castle that showcases or works with the theme of your child’s birthday party (if it has one), ask for their rates and the services they provide (delivery, setup, pick-up, etc.). Find out if you can check their inventory as well.

Once you have these details, you can narrow down your list two or three companies and proceed to the next step.

2.    Check the area where the bouncy castle will be set up

A wide open, flat, grassy space is the best place to set up a bouncy castle. If you have a lawn, find an area that is free from obstruction and measure it. Take the measurements with you as you look at the inventory of your shortlisted bouncy castle rental companies. 

By measuring the area where you plan on putting up the inflatable first, you will be sure you will rent one that isn’t too big. The last thing you want to happen is to have a bouncy castle that is too large delivered to your home; one that can’t be set up on your property and used for the party, but you need to pay for anyway.

3.    Inspect the inflatables

Since kids will be using the bouncy castle, it is crucial that you rent one that is safe for their use. The inflatable you have to rent should be regularly and properly maintained and in perfect condition.

When inspecting a bouncy castle, be on the lookout for any signs of wear and tear. Make sure the inflatable is still in good shape overall. Lastly, ask the staff how old the inflatable is and get details about their maintenance procedures and how often they do it.

If you see any issue that may remotely cause safety risks, go to another company and check their inventory.

4.    Ensure there is a power source for the bouncy castle 

Bouncy castles and other large inflatables need a constant source of power to be functional. This means that it needs access to a power outlet or a generator.

Because of this, you need to have long extension cables. Also, make sure that the electrical system in your home is in good condition to avoid any accidental electrical trips. In case the inflatable would be too far from an outlet, find out from the rental company if you can rent a generator and how much it will cost you. 

5.    Consider the weather

Since Dubai has relatively stable weather conditions, you can pick any type of bouncy castle. However, if you live in an area where it can sometimes get windy, avoid hiring a tall inflatable. But if you really want to hire a tall one because of the slides, you need to instruct the kids to avoid playing on the slides when it becomes really windy for their safety.

Children’s birthday parties do require a lot of preparation and hard work. This is true before, during, and after the party, when you need to clean your home. You can unburden yourself some of the hard work of being the host and enjoy the celebration more if you rent a bouncy castle which will serve as the party’s main source of entertainment.


In 2008, Managing Director and Founder of The Big Moo Events Lorate Hamzeh left a successful career in Human Resources to venture into the niche market of children’s entertainment. By introducing the UAE to Singing Telegrams, Lorate attracted the attention of the children’s entertainment market with a collection of fun mascots. Within a year, Lorate added children’s entertainers and bouncers to the company’s ever-growing list of services, and the rest was history.