How to book the perfect entertainment for your event within your Budget

Every event needs some form of entertainment to please guests, though it is often difficult to find a memorable form of entertainment at a reasonable cost. Live music booking agents are a good choice in many cases as they often have connections with many areas beyond music for entertainment. These agents will work with you and your budget to find great acts to perform at your event.

The first step is finding entertainment that suits your event. If you are booking a wedding performer it would make more sense to have a musical guest. If the event is a child’s birthday party music may be less desirable as the children would likely lose interest. An event like a child’s birthday party would require cooperation with a booking agency to find shows like The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show or on a smaller scale a circus clown depending on budget and attendance. In booking concerts, most talent agencies have an extensive list of performers for virtually any budget. The size of the event does not matter as agencies can cater to any event entertainment needs. With a talent agency’s help, it is simple to find great entertainment for any occasion.

The next step would be to narrow down your options after receiving a list of acts within your budget from a talent agent. Usually the talent agent will e-mail you a list of acts that would be possible given your budget. The best way to go about picking acts is usually listing a top 5 as it is always possible that your first choice is not available for your set event date. After you give your agent a list of your top acts the agent will reach out to the talent to see if they are interested in performing your event. If the talent is willing and able the agent will notify you of their acceptance and additional requests if applicable.

The third step is confirming the act. Once your agent offers you acts that would be willing to perform your event, it comes the time to choose your act. At this point the choice does not hold too much weight as any of the acts will be a good fit to your event having gone through the first two steps. Once your act is confirmed a contract will be signed and it becomes a waiting game for your event.

The final step is accommodating your entertainment and enjoying the event. The entertainment will arrive and set up with whatever both parties have agreed upon and perform their set for the event. If for some odd reason the talent does not show up, there would be no money lost as part of the contractual dealings. Working with an agency for events is really stress free and thee results are often spectacular. Try booking entertainment for an event in the future using an agency and see how it works for you!