How to choose the right fit of jeans for your body type?

We all know the power of an incredible pair of jeans. Jeans with proper fitting in that cool baby blue color can swing up your mood and make you feel confident about yourself. Wearing the right fit jeans of the right color at the right occasion makes you feel even a little sexy at times.

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a bit of a hard job as you have to try tons of fittings before you settle on something. But once you do find the right fit one, that is the moment when you watch your game change. Not everyone has got legs like Gigi Hadid. Whether you go for faded jeans, light colored jeans or dark colored jeans, you always need to explore your options.

In extreme cases of jeans shopping, the search for style is unstoppable as it can last for hours and might even make you feel defeated in some cases. You need more than one day to explore all the places around you to find the right fitted pair of jeans. Getting classic blue jeans will always be the universal option. However, the only thing that you need to focus is the right fit. If the fit is right then you can rock any shade.

Here is what things you need to keep in mind before buying jeans that fit you well:

Be familiar with your hip and waist size

It is important for every girl especially to know the size of her hips and waist in inches before buying jeans. It is only a matter of seconds that you can measure and know the inches. It is always helpful while buying jeans.

Take a look at the size chart

A size chart can be really helpful while you are shopping for fine jeans. As every brand has its own size chart, it is necessary for you to follow that too apart from taking the size measurement on your own. Check the waist size and make sure you are not overlooking the hip size chart. Mostly, those classic boot cuts and high-rise jeans need the size following.

Measure the jeans you own

Even if all these details don’t help you then take the jeans which you own already. Measure them from the waist and from the hips exactly like you would take measure from your body. Prefer the jeans that fit you perfectly and only then you can get the right fit. Measure the waist from the back and for the hips, measure from the base of the zipper and double that size.

Know the material

Stretchable jeans are always the right choice. Apart from this, do look for the elastane or spandex description on the fabric. Jeans with 2% elastane or spandex should be preferred.

Keep in mind the above instructions and you won’t have any trouble finding the right pair of jeans. Whether for men or for women, these are the basic things you need to follow. Always remember, whenever you are in doubt about the sizes, order two sizes and choose the one that fits your body shape well.