How To Throw A Memorable Sorority Reunion Party

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When a young woman joins a sorority in college, she begins by looking for a group of women with the same core values as her own. Sorority sisters form a very strong bond, and much like a family bond, it is usually a lifelong commitment.

From new members to long-term alumni, sorority connections run deep. Academic, social, and ethical standards are set high, and members are held to those standards. What begins in the halls of the university, follow members to community events, volunteer events, and well into career choices.


As we busy ourselves with the events of living, we often go years without seeing our sorority sisters. So, when a reunion is planned, it is important to make it an unforgettable event. While you may be thrilled to see your particular group, there will be alumni that may have been the trailblazers to your generation. There may be groups that followed in your footsteps. With this in mind, be sure your venue is large enough to accommodate the group. Set up a social media page and put someone in charge of following up with those who acknowledge their attendance.

Formal setting

Your reunion may last for a weekend, and there may be casual events on the agenda. But the main reunion is usually a formal event. A hotel venue, country club, or resort is acceptable.

Women wear formal attire for the main event. You can find sorority dresses online. For example, Azazie makes dresses for sororities.

It is also customary to have a formal dinner or at the very least a catered cocktail party.

Wow your guests

Determine the years that will be represented at the event. Contact the university and ask them if you can view their school photos, newspapers, and yearbooks from those decades. With today’s technology, it would be easy to prepare a presentation to be shown at the party. While you are putting together the photos, sync it with popular music of those years.

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Photo booth

People love photo booths. Rent one or two for your event. Encourage your guests to take advantage of the photo booths for their own pictures. But, don’t forget to have someone taking pictures at the event.

Following the event, you can make a great Powerpoint production to put on the social media site. They can even download it to a CD for future parties.

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Gift baskets

Make gift baskets for the guests. Include tee shirts with the school mascot on the front. Water bottles, pens, cookies with the mascot on them, and other small gifts will make their day. If your party is going to be near the beach, go with mascot beach towels sunscreen, and flip-flops. Of course, guests will pay a per-seat registration and this will cover the expenses.

Guest of Honor

During the event, allow guests to vote by ballot for a guest of honor. There will be many successful people at your event. There will be people who changed the world. There may be someone who changed your world. Let the voter list on the back of their card why they think this person should win the award.

At the end of the night, count the votes and present the winner with roses and a Sorority Sister of the year award. While you may be tempted to read everything the guests said about them during the presentation, keep it simple. “Your sisters would like to recognize you for your service, and for going above and beyond the call of duty” will do, or something along those lines.

As your evening draws to a close, thank all of those who made the evening possible. Make sure that everyone knows that their presence mattered and that they are now and always will be part of your great sorority family.