How to Watch All NCAA College Football Games Without Restrictions

The final showdown of the 18/19 college football season is due in some days, but there is no shortage of action in between. This Bowl Season alone, we have seen teams get hammered (like Purdue at the hands of Auburn) and others barely escaping with a win (we guess you saw the Bahamas and Birmingham bowls).

It is thus little wonder why we will not want you to miss out on the current season as it leads up to the Alabama – Clemson final. If you have been missing out the games for one reason or the other, we have set up this post to ensure you don’t anymore.

How about we let you in on why a VPN is your best bet to streaming all NCAA college football games without hassles already?

Why you should be using a VPN

Everyone already knows that a VPN is that piece of software which can not only be used to encrypt your data, but change the perceived location of your computer. Separating your IP address from your physical destination, you can leverage that to your advantage when it comes to sports streaming.

Some of the many advantages of using a VPN are:

  • You get all-access to college football content:

            When you use cable TV or watch the games, you will be subject to game blackout from time to time. You will notice this happening at times when the games are playing in your locale/ region, and promoters would rather you coming to buy tickets at the stands than enjoying your game at home.

Should you opt to stay at home, you won’t be getting the games for several hours after it has ended. That becomes a problem of the past when you have a VPN.

  • You can stream in HD:

            Once you have a VPN which has been optimized for speed, you never have to worry about getting a TV to watch the games in high quality anymore. Be it your phone, tablet or any other device you have at hand, you will be able to get the games in as clear a format as possible.

  • A VPN makes it cost effective for you:

Just think of how much you spend on cable TV. Then again, think of all the channels on cable that you are not even interested in – but still have to pay for. That is too huge a financial sacrifice because you want access to college football.

Why not try out some of the top streaming services that carry the same channels as you get on cable TV, but only with cheaper and more flexible plans? And oh, you still get to use a VPN to beat blackouts and content restrictions.

Speaking of restrictions…

  • You can get the game from anywhere

Did you know that college football is only allowed to be aired within the US market? Trying to watch the games from outside will be futile since it has been blocked to other regions.

What that means is that fans, enthusiasts and US residents living/ travelling abroad will not have access to the matches and updates wherever they are.

Guess what? We don’t believe that should hold you back. Not when you have a VPN, anyways.

How to use a VPN

Now that we have given you the juice on why a VPN is important, here’s how to make use of one:

  • Get a choice VPN from a reputable vendor
  • Connect to ANY server location in the US (since that is where the games are being shown)
  • Register/ login to a preferred streaming service (Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, etc.)
  • Login when the games are playing and enjoy them live.

To beat blackouts, ensure the server location you are connecting to is not where the game is supposed to be played. Those inside the US can also apply this method to ensure they never experience any blackout ever again.