How to write Booster Club Articles of Incorporation?

A booster club is basically an organization in high schools or universities which are generally run and managed by parents of the students who are studying in specific schools or universities. Funds are raised for the benefit of students so that they can be provided with all the necessary school essentials. A special account is created in which funds generated are stored. Which makes booster clubs different from other social clubs.

If you want to start such an organizations and register it as incorporation, you should understand correctly how to write a booster club article of incorporation. These steps must be followed while writing an article of incorporation.

  1. Select a Valid Name of Booster club:

Providing a valid name to your organization is one of the basic booster club rules and regulations while writing an article of incorporation. You have to select a unique name for your booster club which must not exist already. For that, you can conduct a business search at the Secretary of State’s website on which you can find a list of already existing incorporation names.

  1. Mention the Corporate Structure:

While you are writing a booster club article of incorporation, you must determine the corporate structure of your organization as a corporation rather than an association because it becomes easy to obtain tax-exempt status from IRS. At the official website of IRS and Secretary of State, you can check the instructions required to apply for federal as well as state tax exempt status. Do mention this corporate structure an article of incorporation.

  1. Set a Duration of Corporation and Statement of Purpose:

A limited term must be mentioned while writing the article of incorporation. Everything has a limited tenure, and you must set a duration in terms of years in which your corporation will remain active. However several states do not ask for the duration, and it is by default set as perpetual if you do not mention any duration. A corporation without a purpose is considered illegal. So you have to mention a statement of purpose in your booster club article of incorporation.

  1. Address of Corporation and Address of Registered Agent:

You will need to select a valid location for your club because it is imperative to mention the address of the corporation while writing the article. Also, you have to select a person or company as a registered agent where every service notices will be provided. The address of the corporation and the registered agent must be mentioned accordingly.

You must follow all these booster club rules and regulations while creating the article of incorporation because it is a significant part of making your booster club a valid corporation.