Is WordPress better or Shopify

Are you confused which platform will fetch you more traffic?

Digital marketing is more about gaining the right kind of traffic. Whether you admit it or not but more or less you always tend to focus on those SEO friendly keywords that can fetch you high rankings and thus more visitors. Even nothing is wrong in that because ultimately we all are here to crack the best deals. Not only the keywords are important but the platform we choose to show case our product also plays an important role in helping us gain that overnight popularity.

Here we are to help you in deciding which platform is better for you- WordPress or Shopify. Just read till the end and decide well.

Basic Functionality- Focusing on the purpose of launch of both these platforms, it can be conclude that-

WordPress is basically a platform for the bloggers which also allows you to market your products by installing a Woo Commerce plug-in.  It is superb to use, if blogging is your strength and your main target is to blog about your product rather than just selling it.

Shopify is basically an e-commerce site where the main purpose is to sell a product rather than blogging about it. If you just want to be an owner of some online store sort of thing then surely, shopify is your cup of tea.

Management- If you are using WordPress then you are responsible for all your transactions and the channel you choose to perform these. You need to look after whether your version of WordPress is up to date or not. So, that you can enjoy smoother experience.

In case of Shopify, there is a whole shopify team to look after, ways and mean to improve and manage Shopify platform. All you need to do is just concentrate on your product and how you can fetch buyers for it.

Charges- To use WordPress is completely free .You only need to buy your hosting and your own domain. The product payment fees depend entirely on the payment processor you choose.

In case of Shopify, there are three different plans available for the users starting from just $29. You can choose the best suited plan. Adding to your surprise, sub-domain name comes free, with it. Unlike any other e-commerce website shopify also charges you with a specific amount of fee per transaction.

Availability of Templates– If we talk about the range of templates you get to use using word press, then it has limited collection of templates and most of them are not free. Also the designs of these templates are not as per the latest trend.

On the other hand, Shopify allows you to choose from a collection of wide range of templates free of cost. The designs of these templates are also latest and trendy.

Security- When it comes to commercialization then safety is always your priority. We understand this the best. After all, e-commerce is all about selling and earning money and nobody will take that risk of losing their hard earned money.

WordPress allows you to perform an e-commerce operation by installing plug-in, which is provided by third party. And often third party apps and installations contain that risk of leaking of your data.

Shopify provides you more secure and smooth e-commerce experience as no third party involvement is there. Shopify has it’s own App store to help you buy those add-ons unlike word press.

Content and Blogging- WordPress aims at providing you best experience with blogging and content management. It provides you that flexibility to scroll between pages easily. Here you can add that perfect product description, which can surely convince customers, buy your product. Some new products require extremely detailed and SEO friendly descriptions which allow you to attract that perfect buyer you are looking for.

On the other hand, Shopify allows you to only add a limited amount of content as a part of your product description. This at times makes it difficult for you to give those perfect and detailed wordings to your unique product which can otherwise fetch more buyers for you.

Although it’s very difficult to decide whether WordPress is better or shopify. But we tried our best to give the most accurate points that differentiate between the two. If you are a blogger, experimenting your hands in e-commerce with the launch of that unique product then try using word press. And if, all you want is to sell and earn then go for Shopify.