Six Tips that People who are Born Musicians Possess

Musicians have unique brain characteristics and traits that make them good music artists and producers. While everyone is gifted with their own special talents, not everyone can be successful in the music industry. Great musicians possess certain traits by nature and they can nurture these at studios like Songmill Studios. Below are some traits that people who are born a musician possess:


People who are born musicians have the zest to create something unique and innovative. They make consistent efforts to adapt the world to themselves instead of adapting themselves to the world. They tend to make their own path and have an innate spark to provide something different to the world.

Inherent Passion for Music

Musicians possess an inherent passion to deliver unique and innovative music. Such passion for music keeps them driving and sailing through the highs and lows that are part of the being in the music industry.

Ability to Collaborate

Being a musician requires a person to collaborate with bandmates, studio staff session players, live sound techs, and their audience. Whether you possess natural talents that led you to become a performer or you learn the skill through your art, you are usually more of a peacemaker and negotiator than an instigator.

Ability to Get Up Easily from a Fall

You have probably tried working in the studio and hated the results or lost a bandmate before a series of shows. Dealing with things passionately will provide you with plenty of success with little frustrations. As a born artist, you don’t allow a bad mood to swallow and affect what you are trying to do. You can be down today but will be back on your feet again tomorrow.


Empathy makes a good songwriter. A lot of good songs have been written about hardworking individuals crushed under a harsh system. As a songwriter, you tend to feel for other people so much that you write songs from the perspective of other people. This is the reason a lot of musicians may have day jobs in caring professions, especially helping disabled people in schools. Moreover, this empathy transfers into a love for animals. If you are a born musician, you probably have pets. Some musicians are even animal rights advocates.

Ability to Fix and Build Things

Music is made to order for people who hate chalkboard notes and lectures and prefer to jump in and do it. A lot of musicians change their instruments, build all kinds of hacks in the rehearsal space or studio, and customise their band vans.