The Most Common Reasons to Have a Marquee Wedding

When your fiancé first asked that big question, it likely felt as if your whole world became a bit brighter and more exciting but now you have to plan an entire wedding and find a venue within your budget. Modern wedding venues understand that they are in high demand and their prices reflect that demand without mercy, often taking up a third or more of a wedding budget. However, this is not necessarily something that you must worry about, especially if you consider the many benefits of foregoing that option altogether in lieu of a marquee wedding.

Choice of Location

No matter if you need an enormous marquee designed to house 200+ guests at once or something small and personal, you can choose where you want to hold the event. Beach weddings are ideal for this type of structure because a marquee can easily be secured just off the entrance to the sand, allowing you and your guests the chance to enjoy the ocean and its many fun attractions as the reception continues. Even if you have a friend with a large portion of land attached to his or her property with the right to use it for a marquee, it is your chance to truly enjoy a comfortable and affordable location.

All you truly need for a marquee wedding is a bit of space for the marquee and you can visit to gain access to a wide range of options to suit your needs. The location of your wedding could be at home, in a legally occupied field, on the beach, or anywhere else where you have permission to hold a wedding. Field marquee sites have significantly grown in popularity over recent years and these can offer spectacular views if you find yourself in the right position.


When you are hiring a marquee for your wedding, there is no “one size fits all” type of frustration to handle because suppliers understand that no two weddings are the same. Therefore, you can customise the size and features of your marquee to ensure that the wedding is perfect in every aspect. While having a marquee that is slightly too large may not be too much of a struggle, one that is too small could cause serious problems and this is why you benefit from being able to essentially design your marquee from the ground up.

Professionally Erected

The companies from which you hire your marquee will help you set it up so that you never need to worry about any structural problems halfway into the service. Along with professional erection services are professionals who will come to take the structure down and away after the event is complete, allowing you to reduce cleanup needs. Simply have the marquee set up, decorate, have your wedding, and then remove the furniture and décor from inside so that they can take the marquee away again.

The benefits of this type of wedding speak for themselves and chief among them are the sheer amount of time and money saved by choosing this over a traditional venue. You are a beautiful bride and deserve to have the perfect wedding and a marquee wedding just might be the best option for you in the long run.