Timeless Musicals Still Running in the western world Finish

London’s West Finish hosts numerous musicals which have been running for several years rather than cease to draw the crowds.

London’s longest running show ever may be the classic L’ensemble des Miserables. Based from Victor Hugo’s classic novel of the identical name, the musical is really a tale of affection and redemption set from the bloody and violent French Revolution. Famous songs include “I Imagined an aspirationInch and “Are You Able To Hear the folks Sing.” The show opened up in 1985 and it is presently in the twenty-fifth year.

Queen jukebox musical We’ll Rock You is within its eighth year. The show is all about Galileo, a youthful noncomformist who faces off from the corporate Killer Queen inside a dystopian world that’s set 300 years later on. The most popular musical is really a fan favorite featuring famous Queen songs like “We’re the Champions” and “A Different One Bites the Dust.”

The Phantom from the Opera is London’s second-longest running show and opened up only one year after L’ensemble des Miserables. The musical is possibly composer Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most well-known show and it is based from Gaston LeRoux’s famous novel. The show informs the storyplot of the rising opera star and also the tortured man who’s obsessive about her. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score is really a complicated mixture of opera and rock and also the show offers dazzling effects in figures like “The purpose of No Return” and “Masquerade.”

Disney’s Lion King The Musical is within its eleventh year around the West Finish and it is adapted from Disney’s classic animated movie The Lion King. The show continuously thrills entire families using its stunning puppets and visuals plus a familiar score which includes Lion King favorites like “Hakuna Matata,” “Circle of Existence,” and Elton John’s classic “Are You Able To Have the Love Tonight.”

Willy Russell’s hit Bloodstream Siblings supports the third-longest run in West Finish history with twenty-2 yrs of continuous performances. The musical is all about two twins who have been separated at birth and elevated in 2 different backgrounds. Bloodstream Siblings has accumulated numerous Olivier Awards, including one for the best New Musical in 1983.

Kander and Ebb’s gritty musical Chicago is presently in the twelfth year around the West Finish. The show’s plot involves Roxie Hart, a jailed murderess who hopes for a job in vaudeville. The musical is known for its signature Bob Fosse choreography and classic figures like “Everything Jazz” and “Cell Block Tango.”