University Kansas and H1b reform

The University of Kansas (堪萨斯大学) is a comprehensive university combining research and education. The school’s academic programs are supported by 12 libraries and several museums, including art museums and nature museums. KU students are very diverse, from 50 states and 110 countries. Among them, 19% of students are from the military, and graduate students (click to show) are 49:51. KU offers scholarships for freshmen and transfer students, as well as a range of life learning services, including child care services, career centers, health centers, legal services, academic and personal counseling financial assistance, currency management services and veterans’ services.

In October 17th, president Trump announced Fall 2018 Regulatory agenda. In this agenda, there are serval changes in H-1B visa (also known as h1b改革) policy, let’s see what are the changes

Raise the H1B (also known as h1b签证) threshold

We only need the best and brightest foreigners!

Affected people: H1B work visa holder, person who is applying for H1B

Expected to be effective: August 2019

Content of report:

Homeland Security Agency proposed

  1. Modify the definition of the Specialty occupation to limit the application and issuance of H1B to ensure that work visas are issued to “the smartest and best foreigners”.

If this proposal is finally implemented, “will be the largest reform of H1B since 1990!”

  1. Change the H1B lottery rules. First, all applicants will be included in the 65,000 regular places for the lottery. If the upper limit is reached, then 20,000 places will be drawn from the remaining candidates for master’s degree or above, which will result in the H1B success rate leading to the master’s degree or above. Increase by 15%. (Currently, there will be 20,000 places for master’s degree or above. After that, the application for a master’s degree or higher in the US will have another chance to participate in the lottery process together with the regular application, occupying 65,000 places.
  2. Ask the employer to pay a reasonable salary to the H1B holder. The proposal is to give H1B a more professional talent and avoid the abuse of H1B. Moreover, H1B is only a supplement to the missing talent in the United States, and it is the interests of American workers that should be protected most.

This proposal is expected to be officially implemented next year. Once implemented, it is harder for students with a bachelor’s degree in the future to stay directly through H1B.

If you have more questions about policy changes or application materials( also known as h1b签证材料), you can always consult and immigration lawyer(also known as 纽约移民律师).