What Kind of Strip Club to Visit for Adult Entertainment?

Strip club is a venue, where adult entertainment is provided by strippers predominantly in the form of erotic dances or striptease. In America, strip clubs possess the structure of bars or nightclubs. Strip clubs are all different and unique. Endless varieties of strip clubs are found.

Some of the common types of strip clubs can be categorized from high-scale to down-scale are –

  • Gentleman’s club
  • Titty bars
  • Peelers
  • Rippers
  • Girly bars
  • Skin bars
  • Bikini bars
  • Go-go bars
  • Nude bars

Gentleman’s club is a high-end establishment equipped with luxury features and sophisticated services. All the amenities like tuxedoed bouncers, parking attendants, doormen, large bars, gorgeous dancers, obnoxious DJs, exotic private rooms, cigar shops, stuffy atmosphere, and extravagant prices. They may even have a sports lounge, where professional athletes hang out.

Strip clubs can also be classified as per their routine, which can be either full nude, bikini or topless.

  • Full nude means female or male performer is totally nude till the end of their act.
  • Bikini means the genital area and breasts of female performer remains covered, just like in go-go dancing.
  • Topless means upper body of female performer is exposed but her genital regions remain covered all the time.

There are exceptions in the above three types of routine-based clubs as to whether performance will be topless or sexually oriented or not. It depends on the club management and the individual dancer. In some parts. Laws forbid exposure of nipples, so female dancers need to cover them with pasties [pastie clubs].

Private dances at the Pompano Beach night club can be in the form of lap dance, table dance or even bed dance.

  • Table dance can be minimal touch form in front of customers.
  • Lap dances range from plain stools to luxurious leather armchairs. Best option preferred for bachelor and birthday parties.
  • Bed dance needs more space as the performer needs to be positioned above the customer. They are expensive as the contact level and novelty increases between performer and customer.


Every strip club includes floor area where customers congregate, staging for striptease performance, and strippers [performers]. High end gentleman’s club include features costing millions to install as well as maintain.

  • General admission areas – Customer can wander freely except the premium lounges [chargeable] and employee area.
  • Floor & seating – Performance takes place here on the main floor area. The main stage and bar can be seen from this area.
  • Main stage – Center of activity, where performer dances and collects tips.
  • Optional staging – Large clubs have multiple stage areas, which hosts private dances like lingerie modelling session, lap dance or peep show.
  • Bars & counters – Most dominant element besides the main stage is a full bar, where club’s large income is obtained from drink purchases.
  • Other floor areas – many clubs include sport lounge, gaming zone, etc.
  • Premium or VIP lounge – In this paid area, the features which are not available in general areas are seen. High rollers can enjoy the VIP seating, VIP rooms, Champagne room, etc.

Which kind of strip club to choose?

Which kind of strip club is best will depend on what you seek for. Few go to clubs for novelty lap dances, while some enjoy sitting and watching. Several like to talk with the performers and get closer. However, your enjoyment will even depend on clubs’ rules and regulations. In addition, one performer [or dancer or stripper] can make all the difference, so the type of club does not matter. Ultimately, it all depends on your interest, clubs’ rules, and stripper’s skills.