Zayn Malik’s Iconic Looks in His Music Videos Elevate His Artistry

It’s no wonder the world completely freaked out when Zayn Malik left One Direction. For some, it was the anticipation of what he was going to do solo. For others, it was the deep depression of him leaving one of the greatest boy bands of all time. Let’s not get caught up in that, though. Although, once he left One Direction for good, Zayn’s fashion, music, and especially the artistry in his music videos became completely elevated. It became less about impressing fans and showcasing the 5 members of 1D’s hotness and more about showcasing Zayn’s incredible voice and even better sense of style. Here are our favorite looks from his music videos.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever- ZAYN, Taylor Swift

At the beginning of this music video, Zayn is shown in a classic all-black suit being bombarded by paparazzi. The fitted black suit jacket, fitted black shirt, and fitted pants creates such a simplistic look. But he looks like such a badass and such a hottie in this look. Plus, the all black everything is matched with silver rings and earrings which adds so much more edginess to the look. With his signature Zayn Malik hairstyle and scruff, couldn’t-care-less demeanor while he sings in the music video, and style, Zayn proves to the world that he can hold his own in this music video.


Zayn looks like a total badass in this music video alongside his bae Bella Hadid. This is another all black everything look, but it’s so different. In the beginning of the music video, he wears a black leather jacket with a tiny red streak on the side, such a subtle touch. Later, he wears the same black jeans and black shirt combo with a black bomber. The red and green visuals in the music video also completely add to this look. PILLOWTALK was one of his first singles since he left One Direction. He looks so badass and strong in this video.

Dusk Till Dawn- ZAYN ft. Sia

The style in this music video is such an iconic Zayn look. First of all, hello bleach blonde buzz cut Zayn! We love you! At the beginning, he wears a grey pinstriped suit with a red floral almost Hawaiian shirt under, unbuttoned. From his neck hangs a large evil eye necklace. The mix of patterns and colors matches perfectly together. It’s such a look. Later in the music video, he drives a black jaguar and just looks like a complete babe.

Let Me- ZAYN

Zayn has so many different looks in this music video. This is one of the first times we see that iconic Zayn undercut. His looks are never just about the outfit. His grooming, hairstyle, and jewelry all contribute to the style together. He wears the same outfit from the Dusk Till Dawn music video but without the suit jacket. It’s a look that is a little less refined. Then in the club scene, he wears an all-black suit. His looks can be so similar yet so different. That’s the Zayn we love. Later in the video, he rocks a loosely fitted black and maroon striped shirt, unbuttoned, of course with a pair of black pin-striped trousers. This is another nod towards mixing different patterns. But he works it so well. We can learn a lot about style from Zayn.

Entertainer- ZAYN

Incoming: another iconic suit look in this video! This one is dark grey and buttoned all the way up. Under the suit jacket he wears a black and white patterned shirt. Later in the video he wears a loosely fitted t shirt and sweatpants in a way that makes you ask “how is he pulling that off in such a sexy way?” The blinged-out rings really add to these looks and complete them.